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LED lights up Nuggets Road incandescent or full retreat
Published:2012-5-23 8:53:20

Eliminated incandescent roadmap for the upcoming release of the last two trading days, the LED on the stocks in the market are all "bright", the A-share market performance is the most dazzling plate, which stocks also showed disappointing frequency now limit. With questions, the reporter interviewed a lot of analysts ahead of the forthcoming policy interpretation.


Incandescent or full retreat

Website messages according to NDRC, National Development and Reform Commission and other departments was held today to phase out incandescent roadmap news conference to introduce the "content on the progressive ban on the import and sale of general lighting incandescent Notice.

As early as August of this year, the Development and Reform Commission has published the "China to phase out incandescent roadmap (draft)", the draft said, start gradually from 2012 to ban incandescent light manufacturing and sales are not allowed. As an alternative to incandescent, energy saving lamps, LED industry, broad prospects for the relevant listed company is expected to benefit from this policy.

Investment Securities research director, Peng said that the country is officially released to phase out incandescent roadmap significance of major major positive of the LED lighting industry and energy-saving lamp industry to phase out incandescent roadmap (draft) ", planned before the National Development and Reform Commission announced completely out of the ordinary lighting with incandescent lamps by 2016, of incandescent production and consumption country, the stock incandescent lamp of about 15 billion years production and sales of $ 3.85 billion and 1.07 billion, "out of incandescent roadmap "Once formally announced the formation of long-term positive on the LED lighting industry and energy-saving lamp industry, only to replace existing incandescent lamp market scale will reach several hundred billion dollars.


LED lighting or formally included in the subsidy

Near the end of the year, the policy into the intensive introduction of the market for the national introduction of the LED industry support policies expected to enhance. "SG Securities analyst Liu Liang believes that in addition to the Development and Reform Commission will be announced on Friday eliminated so that the outside," "Twelve industry rumors that LED lighting is expected to formally included in the scope of subsidies for energy saving and environmental protection industry development plan, "or may be enacted in the Seventh National Environmental Conference before the end of the introduction of the first round of LED lighting products, subsidies, amounting to approximately 80 billion, the first subsidies for interior lighting and commercial lighting products, such as downlights, spotlights, and then gradually expand the strength and scope of the subsidies.

Liu Liang said that the policy level, the countries in the LED industry downturn to the introduction of relevant support policies, in particular, the subsidy policy for LED lighting will help boost confidence in the industry, to encourage industry and orderly development of China's incandescent alternative road map in America and Europe Australia and Japan and other countries went into a substantive stage, eliminated by the incandescent alternative light source products, energy-saving lamps for incandescent lamps, LED lights related industries long-term development of good.


Stocks by market blitz

Subject to news, November 2, LED lighting plate across the board rose sharply, which limit the number of shares of 10, 14 or more than 6%. Yesterday, the LED lighting plate is still alive, the plate rose to 1.94 percent, which limit the number of shares of four, about three-quarters of the stock to achieve rising.

Silver Teng forward-looking financial news analyst Xudong Since then, the domestic semiconductor lighting industry will enter a phase of rapid development. November 8 to 10, the Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center will be held in the "Eighth China International Semiconductor Lighting Forum Congress, when the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Industry, building housing the Ministry and other ministries and leaders to attend, will involve LED lighting is included in the financial subsidies to the content of the "Green Lighting Project. Market expectations of the relevant documents will be released around the end of November will be released after the semiconductor lighting "12th Five-Year Plan".

Foreign policy orientation is also conducive to the international market, the surge in demand next year. On the one hand, the Australian government plans to gradually led to inefficient lighting products out of the market. On the other hand, Japan will be implemented on December 1 this year, the power division of the new system, new 10W lamp under electricity division, will contribute to the LED street import of electricity to pay the costs reduced. Followed by North America along with the implementation of the new Energy Star in April 2012, the relevant incentive policies forthcoming.

International context, South Korea to replace a conventional 40-watt LED bulb specifications of the most competitive products are priced between 12-14 dollars, international first-tier manufacturers of LED bulbs is still the indicator products, the overall market acceptance of high , which helps the sales of the manufacturers of lighting products in Asia.

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