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More photos more light from candles to electric light Old Shanghai
Published:2012-5-23 9:08:41

High prices is difficult to appropriate road lighting

The British concession of the municipal building to go in the front of the other concessions and the Old City, the lighting is no exception.

The earliest community of candles and oil lamps. In 1859, EL Drake in Pennsylvania, USA, drilled the first oil wells, provided the main source for the mass production of kerosene. But since the British concession road lighting basic use of kerosene lamps, one kerosene prices are high, gas lights began to appear. Lamp was used for road use costs per month per light 1.5 yuan of silver, kerosene prices for three times the price difference of $ 5 per light per month, and later gaslight use does not have much, so kerosene lamps hard to replace a large number of early oil lamps as lighting street lamps.

At that time a lot of businesses engaged in the business of kerosene and kerosene lamps, operating indoor users.

The kerosene lamp does not require the laying of pipes and also unlike the subsequent emergence of the lights as the need for wires. Some foreign imported kerosene, in Shanghai to build a kerosene pool, large foreign companies are Shanghai to set up offices. Such as in April 1893, Germany Rui Kee Matheson Pudong Lujiazui land purchase, construction of the Oil Pool. In 1900, Mobil Oil, New York, USA setting up a company in Shanghai, Huangpu Beach. In 1907, Asia Oil Company set up offices in Shanghai Jiujiang Road. The following year, the Bund, the establishment of the Asia Oil Company of North China.

Poured into the interior lighting, kerosene lamps in addition to moving to other cities, popular in some cities and towns, the countryside. The late 1960s, in the Shanghai suburbs of the city in rural areas are still using kerosene lamps, it is compared with that candle, brightened a lot.

Obvious advantages prosperity Night Market

The gas lamps have many advantages. According to the determination of a gas lamp brightness is the same size of animal fat candles, stone candle 6-10, its ease of use, as long as I turn the switch, you can light up, rather than as oil lamps, kerosene lamps, as To add fuel to keep the lamps within. Its fuel from distant gasworks, by the lead pipe (iron pipe) conveying, relatively safe, but need to build a gas plant, pipeline transportation, so the initial stage, the more expensive.

October 8, 1864, was established more than a year the British unsolicited fire line made of gas lamps that night trial Gao Yi Matheson and Matheson, very good. Gao Yi Matheson soon newspaper notices, to attract business to undertake the installed gas lights. Gas lamp is a pipe buried underground, leads for the fire, people called "unsolicited fire to fire. Some words too literally, "the fire" to fire, fearing the fire prevailed, the road was burning, barefoot those who can not walk from the gasworks near, afraid to fire scored Heart. Some people even think that the gas lamp is the "wildfire" and frightened.

Gas lamp uses resistance from at Westerners, a large English unsolicited fire line with the Municipal Council to discuss gas lights for the concession road lighting of the business, the Municipal Council after investigation, said: "the public does not support the gas lamps lighting the streets for plans, therefore this Committee The inability of mass action. "do not agree because of the improvement of lighting costs. British unsolicited fire line offered free of charge at the Nanjing Road, the erection of ten public lamp posts and brackets, as a first attempt, will Bund to Henan Road, this is the most narrow part of the street lighting here carriage traffic, so "will lead to a correct understanding of" public gas company move.

December 18, 1865, the Gas Company in Nanjing Road lit the gas lamp at the same time decided to reduce the price charged. So that the Municipal Council and the Gas Company entered into a contract for gas lamps used for street lamps, and said further efforts to make the concession to use both the gas lamp.

The end of 1864, the French Concession was established unsolicited fire line, Pidgin (now Huangpu) South Bank, East, West, unsolicited fire Street (today Yong Shou Road in Guangxi Road) between a land founded gasworks , laying pipe, purchasing gas equipment from France and purchased 300 gas lamps. As planned, August 15, 1866, the French Second Empire National day supply of gas, illuminated in the French Concession road, the results could not be done. March 6 of the next year, the French Business unsolicited completion of the fire line gas. 169 gas lamps that night, the French Concession mansion road (now Nanking East Road), New Wing On Street (now New Wing Road), spicy Earl Road (now Wing Road), Church Street (now Sichuan Road) and along the Pidgin along the road to illuminate. February 11, 1868, the Suzhou River North America concession, the majority of road fitted with gas street lamps. By the end of 1881, the number of Anglo-American concession Gas Lamps 489. Gaslight gradually extended to the use of streets, Matheson stack line, pavement, tea house, playhouse, as well as home, provided the necessary conditions for the prosperity of the night market.

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